Hyderabadi biryani!


Welcome to Biryani Kings

A royal experience to indulge in requires every ingredient to be of the freshest and highest quality. The key to Biryani kings authenticity. The choicest aromatic Indian rice grain Basmati, tender chicken/mutton, flavours piqued with the finest saffron, spices and herbs together make a splendid biryani. We have mastered the art of this challenging process that requires meticulous attention to time and temperature.

The perfect accompaniment mirch ka salan in a nutty sesame seeds and groundnut gravy, fresh salad and raita that perfectly compliments the biryani.

We understand the problems one faces with a pack of biryani, hence we have packaged it in a practical manner that makes it convenient to eat. A well planned way of carrying and eating your biryani makes it a wholesome experience.

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